Dear God, I Wish

That Christians would become perfect                                          
Immediately after conversion.
Or better yet
Be immediately raptured into heaven.

That prosperity preachers are right,
And that whatever I wish,
Whether Your will or not,
You will relinquish.

That Christianity is utopic;
That no sickness nor poverty,
Nothing that is catastrophic
Will ever happen to me.

That everybody will like me;
Friends and foes, strangers and family.
I’m sure that would make me more happy,
Every single day.

That Christians had their way in this world,
That every leader, those in authority,
Will have dwelling richly in them the Word,
Reflecting perfectly in their policy.

That I could turn back the hands of time
Towards some particular moments.
If given even a nick of that time,
Some mistakes I would prevent.

That all time would cease for just a sec,
Within which whatever I do
You would reject
And pretend You didn’t see me do.

BUT I thank You that all these are just that,
Silly wishes.
For if You grant some of that,
The world will go to Hades.

The rest it will be nice if You so choose,
Like every leader being on Your side.
But we make that choice,
Starting in Eden, where we chose the other side.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Yours truly,

 Hebrews 4:16 KJV
Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.


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