The Past

The past. It has always intrigued me that
everyone, yes everyone has a past. If life
can be compared to the University of
Ghana where I am currently a student, “the
past” will be a UGRC ( University of Ghana
Required Course). You don’t agree with
me? Talk to a rich man, and he’ll launch
into a history of his life, how poor he had
been as a child, working his way through
life with the help of God before reaching
where he is now. Or talk to the “wonderful
Christian” sister or brother and he’ll tell you
the horrid past which Christ saved them
from. Or better yet, talk to that confident
person you admire so much, and ten to one
his first reaction will be “Hm, it hasn’t
always been like this. I’ve gone through a
lot of panic attacks which I can’t begin to
tell you about”. Those who have not had
any of these problems probably have a few
secrets the world will probably never know.
After all, as Fyodor Dostoevsky said, and I
quote, “There are things which a man is
afraid to tell even to himself, and every
decent man has a number of such things
stored away in his mind”. Everyone has a
My point is, they all don’t matter. At least
to Jesus Christ. Whatever your past, He’s
never surprised. Anyway, He already
knows all about it. So I suggest you trust
Him that whatever your past is, He’s
always ready to receive and forgive us.
That’s what He came for: to erase our past,
yes erase it, and give us a new life. (“So if
anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation:
everything has become new!” ( 1 Cor. 5.
17, NRV)
From my experience with God, you should
just trust Him with not only your past but
your present and your future as well; “Cast
your burden upon Him for He cares for
you.”( 1 Pet. 5:7). It took me about five
years to really get this Scripture, that I
don’t have to a care in the world because
of Christ. My problem was believing it. For
so many years I didn’t believe this. I kept
likening God to a man, thinking He will also
disappoint me, and so I didn’t expect much
from Him. How shallow! It pains me to
think all the lost opportunities in the past
that I could have served Him, but didn’t.
And yet I tried so hard. Now I know I don’t
have to do anything to win His favor by
working so hard. He already loves me, He
always has and He always will. And also
He loves you. As I saw on someone’s
Whats App profile, “Jesus died for you
alone, trust me”( Shout-outs to Priscilla,
Legon, Hilla Limann Hall, AGCM). And for
me, and everyone else who will ever trust
Him enough to give their all to Him. Not
half, like I did at first ( this will come as a
shock to all who have ever known me. I
think I started to, but I got a bit obsessed
with the “issues of life”*Matt. 13: 18-23*
too much) but their all.
That is the way to live the true Christian
“The joy of the Lord is our strength”


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