Matthew 1

I’ve been wondering a lot these days, “How painful was childbirth for Mary the Virgin Mother of Jesus?”

She was probably a teenager by the time she got pregnant with Jesus by the power of the Holy Ghost. But did the miracle end there?

How was she able to push the baby out of her forgive my language, hymen?
There was no Caesarian section at the time was there? Or the miracle part was not over but extended to the whole birth? Likely.

Also, what would have happened if Joseph had not turned out to be as good as he turned out to be? What if he had wanted nothing to do with Mary despite what the angel told him? Would she have been stoned? What would God have done then?

Just asking. What do you think?
I think was not just looking at Mary’s virginity alone but at the heart of her suitor as well. There were a lot of virgins in Israel I’m sure who were perfectly capable of carrying out Mary’s assignment. But Jesus needed a stepfather.

As for the hymen part, well I guess it remains one of the world’s mysteries.


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